7th Season Healing

I am deeply humbled by God’s mercy and love for me, still in awe of this miracle and believe it’s not just one for my gratitude journal but one to share with many people and reconfirm miracles still happen.

About 8years ago I was first diagnosed with having fibroids – I had been experiencing excruciating monthly period pains and had to be placed on Mefenamic tabs 1500mg – 2000mg daily to null the pain. I managed this situation for 5years whilst I kept praying, fasting, and believing God for healing.

In 2014 it had become more unbearable and was affecting my quality of life so decided to give in to having a myomectomy as there were multiple fibroids with one calcified which was 44 x 46mm and one degenerating 81 x 92 x 87 mm. The surgery took place successfully and recovery as well.

I was scheduled for a check up scan in May 2015 and got a discharge letter from my Gynaecologist June that my uterus showed a complete absence of fibroids. As you can imagine this brought a lot of relief and joy knowing this was all done now. Sometime around April this year I noticed I was experiencing heavy flooding during my monthly periods and for the first 2 days would have the feeling of a tap being turned on with pressure from the water. Also noticed that I was getting somewhat woozy spells but just assumed it was general fatigue, lack of proper rest etc.

When the situation continued for a couple more months about July I decided to visit my GP. I explained the situation and he insisted on a few tests which included a blood test. And he referred me back to my Gynaecologist. I also got a call from the doctor following the tests that I was anaemic and had to be put on Iron tablets immediately and tranexamic tabs to control the blood flooding during my periods.

As this was summer period I didn’t get to see the consultant until 20th September. I had my weight taken by a nurse on the day where I weighed almost 67kg. On assessment the Gynae confirmed and wrote back to my GP “On examination today she has a 16week size uterus hence I have requested a repeat pelvic ultrasound for number and size of fibroids” . I was in despair and downcast as I tried to understand how it could be possible when I had a clear uterus just 2 years before. As my Gynaecologist is a Christian and a big sister she tried to reassure me all would be okay and scheduled me for the scan and see me in 8weeks.

I sought to do what I know best – Pray, pray, and pray. I left all the correspondence from the hospital on my prayer altar and whenever I was led I’d bring it up in prayer. I shared the news with my pastors PCA & PBaj and they encouraged me. On one Sunday in October PBaj prayed and anointed me as I was again on a heavy period phase and discouraged.

Scan was scheduled for 3rd November. In between the time before the scan appointment I continued to pray, fast, declare God’s words of healing over my body, started taking golden milk with turmeric paste which a friend had introduced. One significant event I remember was the Festival of Life 20th October where pastor Adeboye asked everyone to touch the altar – I asked for REST (healing) in my body.

I had the scan as scheduled and when I asked the sonographer for information she didn’t say much and said to go back to my Gynae where she’d go through the result with me. I wasn’t sure what to expect but just kept reassuring myself that GOD got my back, and all will be well, a phrase that would come to mind as my pastor PAI says ‘heads or tail I win’.

On the 29th November I met my Gynaecologist for the test result discussion and the next steps. I was weighed by a nurse who confirmed my weight was down by 2kg which was comforting. If I be honest I had tried to brace myself for the worst and tried to be calm at it. The Gynae read and looked through all the details of the scan – she said “there is nothing in there anymore except a very small negligible fibroid tried to show me the size which doesn’t need to have anything done to it. I am going to discharge you.” It didn’t sink in at first and then she repeated it and said I am not normally wrong as I examined you myself before when your uterus was 16weeks (by the way she was the same Gynaecologist who assessed and carried out the surgery in 2014). It has disappeared! I fell to my knees in her office thanking God with tear filled eyes as I just couldn’t believe it. JESUS miraculous healed me and I wasn’t even aware!!

I left her office overwhelmed by God’s mercy and love, sat in the car crying tears of joy and thanksgiving that He has given me the same miracle I had hoped for in 2014 so that affliction didn’t arise a second time. Praise The LORD with me!!!


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