Story of breakthrough

I would like to share with you, the faithfulness of God, and how he as come through for me and my wife Patricia. It has been a long journey as we were made bankrupt three years ago so we lost everything.

Crawling our way back, but God as been very faithful, plus a devoted and supportive wife, God has been good.

I thank God for your leadership of Jesus House and for the constant challenge and the opportunity to pray, which has been a major factor in us continuing to believe that a breakthrough was around the corner.

It has been three years in seeing that reality, but by His Grace we kept believing.

This is my story; about three weeks or so, someone who attends Jesus House told me that they were asked if they know of someone who could carry out work on some properties. No problem and nothing unusual about that as I had been asked that question many times however in most cases nothing comes of it, but since I still have to keep trying, I arranged to meet the person who made the enquiry.

To wrap this up, a few days later, I signed a contract for the sum of 352k. Not only has the contract been signed, the advance payment was paid, Glory be to God in the highest!!!

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